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Bàn tròn Power có nguồn cố định, đường kính 140cm, cao 74cm, khung chân màu trắng, mặt gỗ compacted laminated trắng, hệ cáp chữ U.

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Bàn tròn Power có nguồn cố định, đường kính 140cm, cao 74cm, khung chân màu trắng, mặt gỗ compacted laminated trắng, hệ cáp chữ U.

POWER | Round meeting table By Actiu

Collection: Power
Type: Round meeting table with electrical outlets
Materials: Melamine
Designers: Javier Cuñado

Round meeting table with electrical outlets.‎

Power is the logical evolution of the adjustable table which combines design and technology.‎ Its design is based on a central, extruded aluminium column which serves as the base and structure and provides great mobility in the work space, as well as integrating technology and facilitating digital communication.‎
Different studies highlight the importance of “standing work“, i.‎e.‎ combining working while standing with sitting down to improve concentration, reduce fatigue, relieve pressure on the lower back and increase productivity.‎
Its electric elevation system promotes movement and variation of the body’s position throughout the work day, encouraging dynamism and the wellbeing of the user, as well as functionality.‎
In its design and structure, Power was created to provide a response to new work spaces that combine movement, functionality, technology, digital communication and operational positions.‎ Places that not only require a surface to work but a product capable of raising the work position and promoting the use of technology.‎
Power tables are equipped with electrification and the necessary connections to use any type of electronic device.‎ The electrification output, made from an aluminium injection, has a circular opening that rotates 180 degrees, allowing access from different angles of the surface.‎

They are available in different models that fit with the different needs of current work spaces:
Individual and multiple positions for concentration with storage systems that allow integration with work tables.‎ They have a part available which serves as a footrest to facilitate cleaning and maintain the base.‎
In the case of positions integrated in different storage modules, Power promotes a close office and allows positions of collaboration and socialisation to be generated between different members of the team.‎
Gen Positions, a new system of adjustable tables and organic shapes for working with concentration and collaboration.‎ These tables have fixed or temporary sound-absorbing separation panels that allow configurations capable of independently regulating the height of each position.‎
Systems for videoconferences that facilitate training and collaboration through trapezoid shapes whose design connects present users and people on the other side of the screen.‎ These systems promote connectivity through the integration of electrification towards the television.‎

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