Ghế Whass


Ghế Whass bar chân U, không có tay, Mặt ghế và tựa lưng PP màu xanh, chân chữ U mạ crôm bóng.

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Ghế Whass bar chân U, không có tay, Mặt ghế và tựa lưng PP màu xanh hoặc màu vàng mù tạt, chân chữ U mạ crôm bóng.

Collection: Whass
Type: High sled base stool with back
Materials: Metal, Plastic
Designers: Javier Cuñado

Whass, the new chair by Javier Cuñado from ITEM Designworks for Actiu is a super-stackable, multi-purpose and functional chair program intended for collaborative and training spaces, which require versatile and easily storable equipment.‎

With natural aesthetics, compact and sinuous lines, the structure of the Whass has been designed and manufactured for intensive use in flexible spaces.‎ A multi-functional, lightweight and easy to move product that can be stacked easily on a cart with up to 30 units from a monoblock carcass.‎ It can therefore be stored in the minimum possible space, a feature that makes it an ideal choice for conference halls and multi-purpose spaces.‎

Whass is defined as a comprehensive and diverse range of products, covering many different usages and spaces, starting from one single carcass, which can be combined with different structures.‎ It thereby allows you to create very valid options both for work (the most stackable option) and contract spaces, with adjustable feet, stools and benches.‎

The variety and flexibility of the product (with its great structural strength, also applies to a range of finishes and upholstered with several custom-made colours) results in a family of products tailored for each space and adaptable to individual needs.‎ All of this in a hygienic, non-toxic product, fabricated with a high degree of recyclability.‎

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